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Strokes and Jokes was created to provide humor for golfers who tend to take the game of chasing the "white little ball" serious. We understand your frustration that the tree was in your way, and you almost had a hole in one playing the Golden Tee video game Spalding. But the trees were their first, no one believes a word you say, and real golf is not some coin operated machine.

After drinks and servings of prime rib, most golf outings usually finish with an auction hosted by one of the golfers who really shouldn't be a public speaker and also should never have taken up golfing. Golfers shake hands, walk to their cars and call home thinking up excuses of why they're going to be late?

Well after a great day on the links with friends, colleagues, and golf partners, why not a add some professional talent and humor to your next golfing event.

Sit back relax and laugh at your golf buddy's slice that went off the roof, through the window and into the bowl of soup with national headlining entertainer and amateur golfer Michael J. Petit.

For over 20 years Mr. Petit has worked with some of the industry's biggest stars on stage, and witnessed some of Hollywood's Heavies missing some easy shots on the golf course.

Hosting Taylor Mades Events in Southern California over the years Michael always works his magic serving as MC-Host and as a regular for their events.

With appearances on Comedy Central, NESN and at Mohegan Sun, this performance is high energy and ideal for your next golf outing or corporate function.

We've all heard "Hey Smeals… lets go while we're young" while out on the course. Or "You still my friend Danny, hmm, hmm" from all who are fans of the classic movie Caddy Shack!

Mr. Petit's MC Hosting services make golf tournaments what they should be…fun! Michael hit's the stage with his trademark high energy and wraps up every Golf event with his skills for raffles, auctions, and of course great comedy!